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Kit Bag: Sony RX100 IV

Sony RX100 IV accessories kit shot

Sony RX100 IV accessories kit shot

When I want to travel light, my go to camera is the Sony RX100 IV. As far as compact cameras go the image quality is as good as it gets, plus it has the ability to shoot 4K video, making it a great all-rounder. Throw in a few accessories and it becomes even more versatile, especially for video.

The image above is the Sony RX100 IV kit that I took to Vancouver with me earlier this Sunday. For travelling (very) light, it provided (almost) everything I needed, without breaking my back.

Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 LED light
There are three reasons I love this little light. First, it is extremely small and can easily fit in a pocket. Number two, despite its size it is really powerful, more than bright enough to act as a fill-light in sunlight. But it has three brightness settings, so you can turn it down if it is too bright. Finally, like so many other devices it can be charged via Micro USB, which means that it is easy to charge on the go.

ChiliPower NP-BX1 Battery Kit
You can never have too many batteries. The Sony RX100 IV can charge via USB, which is great when out and out, but the ChiliPower kit provides a mains and car charger, and two compatible batteries, so I wont run out of power.

PNY Tseries T10400 USB Battery
After a camera, a USB battery is the second item I will always throw in a camera bag. I can charge my phone, my LED light, my camera battery, and with the RX100 IV you can still use the camera whilst the battery is plugged in, which is great for timelapse shooting. This PNY power-bank is a few years old now, but with 10400mAh capacity it can charge the RX100 IV battery six times and my iPhone 7 Plus three times. Like many others, this power bank has two sockets so two devices can be charged at the same time. With a high capacity USB battery pack and a couple of additional camera batteries you can be good for a few days shooting without needing mains power.

CarrySpeed MagFilter
One of my favourite accessories. A magnetic self-adhesive metal ring stick to the end of the RX100’s lens, which allows the MagFilter adapter to be attached. I have the 58mm adapter, which allows 58mm filters to be attached. So if the 3EV in-camera ND filter isn’t enough, you can screw in a denser 10EV filter.

Twin Camera Brackets  and Camera Grips
A really useful item to have, this twin bracket allows two, or even three cameras to be attached to it, making it great for side by side photo and video comparisons. With the right adapters you can hold a camera and a couple of small lights. However, I attached a couple of camera grips/handles, which allows me to create a simple, collapsible, rig for my RX100. The handles help stability when shooting video, and the screw threads on the bracket allows for the Manfrotto LED light to be attached.

USB to Micro USB Lead
I always have a few of these, of different lengths for charging different items.

Hoya Pro ND 200 Filter
For long exposures I can mount this ND filter to the RX100 via the MagFilter and a Step-up ring. This filter offers over 7EV ND filtration, which when combined with the 3EV in-camera filter, increases exposure times by 10EV.

Step up Ring
With different lenses having different filter threads, a set of step-up and step-down rings is great for mixing and matching filters and lenses. I’ve got a variety a variety of filters from 52mm up to 77mm, so I will carry a few step rings depending on what filters I’m using with RX100 and Magfilter.

Lexar 512GB SD Card
For 4K video you need as much memory as possible, but you also need a card that can keep up with the speed of recording 4K footage. This UHS-I Class 3 card provides that speed.

Sony RX100 IV
There have been many occassions where I have left my DSLR or mirrorless camera at home, and felt completely confident in the capabilities of the tiny Sony RX100 IV. The latest RX100 V has just come out, and whilst it looks incredible on paper, it doesn’t do much that the RX100 IV can do. I also like RX100 II. It has the multi-interface shoe, which allows a light, or better still a microphone to be attached for better audio recording when shooting video. You do lose the pop-up electronic viewfinder on the Mk II, but at around £440, it is a good price compared to the latest cameras.

Marumi Ciruclar Polariser
You can make a sky bluer when editing an image, but if you want really get vivid colour, and reduce reflections, a polariser is the way forward. I have a few, but the fairly slim profile of this Marumi one makes it the one I use most. Again, a step-up ring allows me to attach it to the MagFilter so I can use it with my RX100.

Joby GorillaPod
This device should need know introduction. It may not provide the security and flexibility of a full size tripod, but for conveinience they are a really useful addition to a small camera bag. I have the original version, which is smaller and can hold less, but is perfect for the RX100.

Syrp Genie Mini
I have been using this recently whilst reviewing it, and I now want to make it a permanent addition to my camera bag. The Genie Mini is a motion panning controller for video, panoramic images or timelapse footage. Attach the camera to the tripod thread on the Genie Mini, mount the Genie Mini on a tripod, the connect your camera to the Genie Mini via the appropriate lead (in my case this is a Micro USB to 2.5mm jack lead pictured below the RX100 IV). From this point you can use the Syrp Genie App to control the Syrp Genie via Bluetooth. You can chose the angle of rotation, the duration of the rotation and the number of images you wish to take. The Syrp Genie Mini will then rotate and trigger the cameras shutter. It works really well and is great for timelapses.





(Disclaimer: The above links are affiliate links. I do personally own all of the above items, except the Syrp Genie Mini, which I was testing)

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